Looking for BBCOR? Look no further! MetalWood Bats Model 363 is now BBCOR certified for NCAA and NFHS gameplay!

Click HERE for an updated list of BBCOR certified bats.

MetalWood Bats is proud to announce that our Model 363 is approved for NABA League play. Click HERE to see what other leagues we are approved for!


"MetalWood Bats is by and far the BEST INSTRUCTIONAL TOOL on the market today." -Howard Dobson, head softball coach at Southern Miss

"Hitting with wood makes a kid much better, you have no choice but to hit the ball well... The combination of quality, durability, affordability and cool you'll get in a MetalWood is a grand slam." Brian Gotta, writer for www.SportsProductReview.com


Our one of a kind American designed baseball bat is proven to last 10 to 15 times longer than wood baseball bats.

NCAA Tests prove that MetalWood Bats perform just like Major League Baseball wood bats such as Easton, Rawlings, and Louisville Slugger

Coaches Give your players the competitive edge with our traditional MetalWood game bat and our line-up of training products used by Jim Lefebvre and the NHA


Baseball: Make the transition to the high school, college or professional level with the use of our MetalWood bat, the best way to teach proper swing technique

Softball: Learn how to improve your bat speed, improve hitting mechanics and take your skills to the next level

Parents Choose the MetalWood Bat for its affordability and performance, as well as its safety Learn More

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